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Many people focus the majority of their attention (maintenance, updating, renovating, etc.) on the interior of their home, but it is just as important to keep the exterior regularly maintained. The upkeep of the outside of the house often gets put off or overlooked entirely. What many people don’t know is that regularly maintaining the exterior of your house, including the driveway, patio/decking, walls and gutters, is crucial in the protection of the entire home, inside and out, from unpredictable and sometimes harsh weather conditions that we often experience in the UK

Your driveway is part of the curb appeal to your home, when it’s in bad repair, it can create an awful eyesore and unsightly mess. When kept in good condition, it can be an asset to the whole appearance of your home exterior. We have listed the top 3 reasons to maintain your driveway.

Value: A nice driveway can certainly add value to your home. If you’re staying, it will benefit you as a homeowner to keep the value of your home at appropriate levels. If you’re selling your home, the appearance of your driveway is the first thing that a buyer sees and evaluates. It can be the difference between a sale and a house left sitting on the market.

Functionality: A driveway in disrepair is no longer serving the purpose for which it has been designed. In general, a driveway is used for vehicles to access your home, and a spot for vehicles to be parked and spend part of the year. If your driveway is in good condition, there will be less risk of damage or wear to your vehicle tires.

Safety: Your homeowners insurance includes liability, but it’d be a shame to have to use it because your friend or neighbour tripped and injured themselves on on your driveway . A well kept driveway keeps hazards down and the safety of your friends and family as a priority.

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